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SBNOW's Green Certification Program

Whether just starting out or well on your way, SBNOW’s “Certifiably Green” program will help you identify not only what you have achieved, but opportunities to continue to improve your environmental performance in your operations, your supply chain and your culture.

"The certification process and checklist helped me see things I never thought of before.   We have been a sustainable company for over 5 years, but this  process brought it all into a complete framework and introduced us to more ways to make a difference"

- Katherine Mowers, Senior Project Manager - CITI

This certification program was developed to help office-based, and retail businesses understand not only the benefits, but also the opportunities they can realize as well as recognize them for their efforts through independent third-party validation. Certification from SBNOW means that you, and your stakeholders, can be sure that your green programs are credible and effective.

Our certification covers six areas: Water Conservation & Quality, Energy Efficiency & Climate Action, Environmentally Friendly Procurement, Waste Reduction and Recycling, Pollution Prevention and Green Training, Education & Benefits

The program is composed of three components:

  1. Credible, scientifically-based criteria scaled to reflect both difficulty and environmental impact Publicly available checklist designed to provide a snapshot of the environmental categories covered and measures taken to get certified.
  2. Independent Eco-Assessment - a process whereby independent environmental consultants provide guidance on how to get the most out of your certification. These consultants have in-depth understanding of the Guide and assist in preparing you for success. Although it is not required to engage an eco-assessment, it is a requirement of the Program that an SBNOW accredited eco-consultant assist in preparing your preliminary Score Card and submitting it to SBNOW.
  3. Transparency and credibility in results - Being certified by SBNOW provides the highest standard of recognition and validation for being a truly ‘green' organization. SBNOW promotes your certification on its website, at events and through media outreach, including our social media networks. The four levels (1, 2, 3 or 4 stars) of certification are explained publicly on our website – along with the criteria – so that both you and your stakeholders can be assured that SBNOW certification reflects your actual accomplishments.

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